Saving the 16% Nøgne Ø Nordic Noir till last

27th November 2022.

Our last night in Tromso, so we’re going out with a bang. The last two (2) craft beer bars on the list, excluding the ones that only open on the fifth Thursday in October.

Vertshuset Skarven (Skarven Kro) is the big multi-roomed white-timbered place next to the harbour which you return to after observing the majesty of humpbacks and orcas and immediately think “I fancy some whale steak now“.

Not us, obviously, after six hours of lectures on sustainability and the evil of eating whale, but the four Americans (probably Canadians, says Dave) hadn’t been listening to a word.

That’s only a minor criticism of Skarven Kro, which is a pleasant beer hall where we’d heard traditional Norwegian Carols the night before (it was standing room only) and where the barman recommended a range of Mack dark seasonal beers of pleasing strength while calculating the total bill in his head. Correctly.

We ate and drank extremely well here, this fish stew warranting it’s £20 price tag and to be fair we’ve probably paid more for lesser quality in London before.

Good to know : Eat one good meal out and fill out the day with soup and bread and Tromso won’t seem too bad.

It’s the eternal darkness that might wear you down.

But the light from Tromsø Mikrobryggeri draws you in for one last Imperial Stout before heading to bed ahead of that 5am taxi to the airport.

I guess this is Tromso’s Port Street Beer House, though even PSBH doesn’t routinely offer a 16% Nordic Noir alongside the DIPAs and Saisons.

Astonishing. I think Mrs RM is still recovering from that one, but we had to stay focused to put the rubbish in the right bag that night or risk a £50 fine.

A great 4 days in Norway,

but we were pleased to return to a land with some semblance of sunlight.

even if it was hiding under a thick layer of mist as we descended into Gatwick. Blimey those Norwegian Airline seats are tight.

Right, back in England. Let’s find some cask.

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