Ossett’s Prop’ur Baa – A Proper Bar

Back home in Northern England, it was nearly December and I’d made a paltry start to ticking GBG23, if indeed I harbour any ambitions at a (record-breaking) second successive completion.

Loads of newbies, including a first visit to Ossett since Yorkshire Guide tickers Eddie and Simon were in short trousers (Simon still is).

Actually, Eddie and Simon had beat me to Prop’ur Baa pre-emptively when Mr Fogden got married this year (congrats), and BRAPA’s post contains these classic lines;

I did the usual tourist route in Ossett,

admiring the resilience of the market traders,

and the glories of the Town Hall, temporarily buried under scaffolding.

It’s magnificent.

As is traditional, I’m happy to show you what you could have won if I’d been up-to-date with the blog.

Yes, a dreich day, as they say in Horbury, but our spirits soared as the shutters on Prop’ur Baa rose on the stroke of 4. The Golden Hour.

Notice the homely touches, and the piano.

And now press “PLAY” below.

I think we can agree that a pub where a gentleman in a hat strikes up a tuneful rendition of “Clare” on a wet Tuesday in November is a Proper Pub. Whatever your views on cushions.

It was joyful. A real mix of locals had half filled the front room within 10 minutes, guvnor had chatted pubs and stuff, the guvnoress had pulled a pretty perfect pint of Moonshine.

I loved it, and Mrs RM was equally delighted with the can of Brass Castle Bad Kitty from the GBG offie across the road, though presumably less forgiving of my own attempt at the Gilbert O’Sullivan (I always got him confused with Gilbert & Sullivan) classic.

5 thoughts on “Ossett’s Prop’ur Baa – A Proper Bar

    1. Yes you can. One of the odd things is how the posters for a tribute act (“Sheryl” IS Adele) are bigger than the posters for the real deal. I saw flyers for Madness and Tony Bennett on telegraph posts that I assumed were tribute acts but turned out to be genuine.


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