27th November 2022.

You only come to Tromso for three things. The lights, the joy of paying £20 a pint, and of course the Troll Museum.

The Troll Museum was closed, so we had to go Whale Watching instead on this boat. That’s Tromso harbour at 8am.

Everything we ate, drank and did in Tromso was high quality. Silent Whale Watching were a minimal impact operator, which mean they didn’t get close enough to the humpbacks and orcas to get eaten, a sort of bonus.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t that bothered about seeing the whales. I’ve read Moby Dick, after all.

But the 3 hour boat trip was both gorgeous and educational,

once again the changing light the highlight.

Here’s the little video from Maursund. Press play and (parental advisory) there’s a weird bloke at the start.

A wonderful experience,

only slightly enhanced by the Double IPA and gooey cake on the way back.

As we left, the quite wonderful tour guides reminded us NOT to order whale meat on the menu that evening

7 thoughts on “WHALE WATCH

  1. “A wonderful experience”. Maybe even a whale of a time.
    I knew they’d be bigger than the sharks between Penzance and St Marys.


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