2nd November 2022.

Walking round Cologne Old Town, I sort of knew I had to visit a Paffgen pub; Dave had said so.

But I was also aware the one in the Heumarkt wasn’t the must visit.

But how could you resist this gorgeous place, highly rated by Ron;

I took an outside high table, placed my beer mat on the edge of the table, and waited.

And waited. At least 5 minutes, the sort of wait which gets top English pubs kicked out of the GBG (allegedly).

I guess the strain on service was the reason why the table opposite had decided to buy their 3 glasses of Kolsch upfront, a bit like Old Boys buying two pints of Stella in Spoons, I guess.

I gave up, walked the 10 minutes to Malzmühle, found that closed, and returned to find my seat still free.

I think the table opposite had drunk a couple of Kolsch each in 20 minutes.

I found the Pfaffen less carbonated than elsewhere, one of the best. Only now do I find out that Pfaffen is not the same as Paffgen, but honestly, who cares ?

So I stopped for a couple, and did indeed note the textures subtly change. Possibly.

The long dining room is gorgeous. How do the Germans do it ?

Lovely random features,

and great art.

I suspect I wasn’t the only tourist to have taken those photos that day. It’s easier being a pub blogger in Germany than Goole, I’ll tell you that.

Just then, Mrs RM phoned and requested my attendance back at the hotel to escort her out to tea, or whatever they call a 4pm meal in Cologne.

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