Greetings from snowy Sheffield.

Don’t know why I bothered mowing the lawn; can’t even see it now.

Word Press is still asking me about my favourite cartoon; it obviously doesn’t think I post more than once a day.

Sadly, I’m not as young as BRAPA or Blackpool Jane these days and 400 words and 10 photos is about my limit. Even my own last post took me 4 minutes to read (and 3 minutes to write), which is far too long.

So stop asking for a mega post, Dave, and enjoy the photos in these short posts. Or I’ll set the Cologne goat on you.

2nd November 2022.

Back at the Hautbahnhof, I bought Mrs RM a baguette from Yorma’s, checked she was alive (spoiler: yes) and set off for a look round the Old Town.

Back in 2015 I’d walked the filthy steps up the Cathedral tower, had Schnitzel at Fruh and whizzed round a few old pubs, but my sense was a bit “Is that it ?”.

Perhaps it was the way the shops and burger bars obscured the views of the cathedral, at every turn.

Actually, I just hadn’t bothered to look for the Old Town, particularly the stretch along the river and Great St. Martin’s Church (named after a famous pub ticker, they say).

This was gorgeous, although a bit lightly-touristed on a chill Wednesday in November.

Plenty of trade in two 2015 ticks I do remember doing 7 years ago.

Being all heart, I thought “I’ll save those till Mrs RM can join me later”.

Frankly I just enjoy walking aimlessly down little alleys, looking for Draught Bass and weird fontage.

That photo is from a shop devoted to Kobes apparel. They respect their waiters here, as so should we.

Plenty of humour in the streets, though I took Martinswinkel as a personal affront.

Time for a Kolsch, I think…

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