“Courtesy of Mrs Harlow”

First things first. WHY does a random question pop up (top) when I start a new post ?

26th October 2022.

Now I’m not going to claim the little corner of North Notts between the Dukeries and Lincoln are worth a detour from Sheffield or Sheppey, but I’ve always had admiration for a bleak area housing Rampton High Secure Hospital, the UK’s best children’s theme park,

and its second most attractive power stations (after Drax).

Laneham had a brewery, but now Bees Knees is a regular GBG entry BRAPA just visited, and down the lane by the river you get a church where the dead get buried,

and the pub where they hold the wake.

I only know there was a wake for Mrs Harlow because someone had set up a “help yourself” bottle of whisky in her honour.

Sadly, a swig of whisky (particularly one you’re not entitled to) remains a contentious tick, so it’s the well-known one or the weird one. Actually, they had Pheasantry (3.5) from 3 miles up the road, so I had that.

Pubs are for people, but I’ll confess I’m always conscious I might not be welcome at a wake, particularly if I have to take a beer back and cause a scene.

But the pub was ticking over independently of the funeral guests, the pub was quirky,

and the seating solid.

The ’90s pop soundtrack, however, was clearly not chosen by the bereaved;

Or perhaps it was.

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