This post is brought to you from Table 40 of the Gate House in Donny, the most exciting Saturday you’ve never had. Don’t send milk.

There’s consternation amongst the pub ticker community tonight, as top topers Pubmeister (the Boss) and yours truly argue about the necessity to revisit a pub that changes format completely, as opposed to a mere change of shape.

I reckon I need to revisit the new Brewhouse & Kitchen (ex Spoons) in Wilmslow, even though an evening with Strictly Prosecco Maidenhead appeals more.

Duncan would regard that as just a name change, but happily drag me through Hell (well, Buckinghamshire) to revisit a pub that’s moved its handpump 5 yards.

So how do we judge the Bees’ Knees, a proper pub on the site of the former Springhead Brewery (RIP).

They’ve still got the 2017 GBG sticker for Meg’s, the old brewery tap across the yard, moved to the new pub’s window.

“Get a life/job/dispute resolution” I hear you say. You’ll never understand.

Laneham is a small and unremarkable village, notable mainly for power stations and the eternal Christmas ride at nearby Sundown Adventure Land.

But, to my surprise, the Bees Knees turns out to be a rather impressive Beer Bar, the sort of place you get in the foothills of Sheffield.

OK, they’re not launching Cloudwater here next week, and we all know Citra is the new Greene King IPA, but Sheffield Brewery is a find.

And after some confusion, with me asking for a Springhead beer in genuine ignorance, I enjoyed a frankly glorious half of Cat Asylum (NBSS 4). Cool, rich, fruity, cheap.

It’s a lovely pubby atmosphere too, though you wouldn’t want to swing that cat around and disturb the bees. Standing room only at 4pm on a Sunday.

Loads of cask being poured too. The model can work. Especially at £3 a pint.

And how can you resist a place that quotes Salt’N’Pepa ? Mmm ?

30 thoughts on “THE BEES KNEES

  1. Am eager not to appear too dogmatic about such matters (though maybe doing that University bar in Guildford twice when it moved to a different floor in the same building was a little over zealous) so suggest a working party is formed with a remit to go on fact finding missions anywhere it chooses and report back with provisional recommendations in, say, five years.

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  2. “You’ll never understand.”

    I may not ‘completely’ understand; but I do understand somewhat. Not to take the p*ss but it’s a bit like Pokemon (gotta catch ’em all!) or all of those video games where you fight to get cash (and experience) so you can level up to wear (and buy) better gear and then start the process all over again. You guys are a bit like Don Quixote (only in the sense that you’re on a never ending quest) where the destination/goal may never be attained but you’ll keep on trying.

    Again, most definitely not trying to take the p*ss.

    “And after some confusion, with me asking for a Springhead beer in genuine ignorance”

    Completely understand. After all, it says visit on the outside window. 😉

    “I enjoyed a frankly glorious half of Cat Asylum”

    I’m guessing that was the Wee Moggy from Cat Asylum. 🙂

    “And how can you resist a place that quotes Salt’N’Pepa ? Mmm ?”

    LOL. Classic!



      1. Aha! I knew it! “Costumes” is merely a euphemism for uniform. You guys are really a secret army right?
        (I’m thinking ‘Martin’s Marauders’) 🙂

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  3. “the necessity to revisit a pub that changes format completely” – but if there was a necessity to revisit a pub that changed a beer from the previous GBG you would never get home !

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  4. Obviously I would have had to have the Cat Asylum 😀

    However, I initially misread the blurb as “with the addition of cats for mouthful”. Hmm, “Barman, this beer tastes a bit scratchy!”

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      1. (Old) T O’M
        And I wouldn’t be surprised if the Seven Stars, Carey Street is one of your favourite pubs and Roxy Beaujolais your favourite pub landlady.

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    1. Kelham Island’s no hill, though. I’d say that it was metaphorical, like, “we are in the foothills of a total clusterf**k in this country”, for instance.


      1. I find that it helps to voice Martin’s words mentally, in the intonation of the late, lamented John Peel, Richard.


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