Back to mid August, with the whole of Wales ticked and England about to fall I was about to enter the most exciting period of my life. I know you’re supposed to say the birth of your children is the most exciting time, but why lie to you now ?

The GBG is laid out on the clean sheets at Hotel Mariners, both the best and last available accommodation in Haverfordwest on an uneventful Thursday night .

It was SO expensive that Duncan and I had to share a twin room.

I said TWIN room.

Before the Pubmeister turned up I went off for a Haverfordwest hover,

and was delighted to find it much improved from my 2019 visit.

Which is down to me not discovering the quirky alleys and art and bursts of colour back then, rather than the town purposely hiding them, I guess.

The only GBG entry is the Spoons, and there’s a lot of keg, so I was left searching What Pub for some unknown pleasures (good album) in the outskirts of town.

Welsh pubs called the Farmers Arms are always good, aren’t they ?

Small stone and brick pubs, TV sport, open all hours, served only Doom Bar on pump, says What Pub.

But then What Pub reports it was last surveyed in 2015. So here’s a 2022 update.

Actually, I nearly walked past, it didn’t look too inviting with the bloke parked on the steps.

But once inside, magic happened.

And not just the Double Dragon (£3.70, value fans), a cool, rich 3.5 and the best beer of the trip.

“Alright ?” said man in braces.

Yes, are you ?” (I was brought up well).

I’m VERY well. Do you like this song ?”

It was Elvis from the Memphis sessions, but I was slow in recognition.

“Don’t you know it ? It’s the King !“.

Soon the singing started (press PLAY now).

I’ve no idea how, but I almost got converted to country music over the course of the next 20 minutes, even though it’s all rubbish, obviously.

This is a Top 10 pub” I suddenly thought, possibly after hearing the words “as much cheese as you can stuff up your backside“.

Hey, Duncan, I’m in a Top 10 pub” I texted. Duncan played along, and added it to his long list of pre-emptive ticks to do that night.

See ya bud” said the locals.

See ya later” I replied, confident I wouldn’t.


      1. I spend a lot of my time listening to Americana. To me, C & W is people in big hats and those jackets with fringes on them doing line dancing and going “Yee-ha” a lot. Give me a bit of Lucinda Williams every time.

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  1. The PBS America channel have recently repeated Ken Burns’ mammoth documentary series on country music. You may not care for its current incarnation, but its early history is truly eye-opening.

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