Having joined the ranks of the immortal (Duncan) on 10 September and finished the GBG it was inevitable there would be a bit of a comedown in October as I decided what to do next (apart from eat Chinese takeaways with Mum and Dad in Waterbeach).

Look how quiet a month October was;

Oh well, never mind.

I’ll tell you more about those trips to Ravenglass, and Helston, and Rotherham, Rotherham (so good they named it twice) in due course i.e. by Christmas.

I meant to catch up on the blog in October, but “events, dear boy, events” got in the way. This event was a night of Orval in the Blind Monkey with Blackpool Jane and Mrs RM that I should never repeat.

The Blind Monkey made its debut in the new Good Beer Guide, which thrilled me as it’s my local and serves good beer.

It’s therefore my Pub of the Month for a second time, but remember that Tony Pulis won Manager of the Month twice and look what happened to him.

I’m in the middle of cross-checking the entries in the new GBG to my master spreadsheet.

Alfie the Alpaca and Baa Baa Toure are keen for me to attempt to tick the Guide, but I’m not sure, yet.

I’ve already visited ten (10) pubs in the new Guide, all pretty good, so it’s not quality that would put me off, just the Tickers’s Fear of the Closed Pub and the M5.

Anyhow, must get some sleep, was up at 2:30am this morning for an exciting foreign trip where I met Joan and Dave “US” Southworth, who have been immortalised in a new range of Palitoy dolls;

Dave is the one on the right.


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