How are you getting on with the blog ?” shouts Mrs RM, in-between demands for more coffee and breakfast in bed.

Note she hasn’t asked how I’m getting on with cross-checking the new GBG I think she thinks I’m not doing it anymore.

Well, Mrs RM, I’m in Wales in mid-August, about to tick a bar in a caravan site near Tenby. This is the life.

No, it really is the life. A noon opening at the Dingle gives me an hour to explore a town I’ve whizzed by on the A48 thirty-seven (37) times and wondered “How come Narberth never has a GBG entry ?”.

Perhaps because they’re Felinfoul pubs, I guess. To be fair, I’ve had decent Double Dragon of late, which used to be aking to saying you’d just enjoyed a pint of Donnington BB.

I stop in Plumvanilla (don’t judge me) for my daily “stuff on toast”, and decide it’s no match for the ones in Wells or Burntisland.

Low marks for the bread, for a start.

I should have waited till noon for a pizza from Chico’s.

You always wondered what happened to Chico, didn’t you ?

There’s a lot of scaffolding, but the town is bustling, the houses colourful. It’s the Llantwit Major of the, er, West.

Amazing what a blue sky shining on the righteous can do for a place.

I took a look round the castle, which will be great when it’s finished, then walked back to the Dingle.


When did that go up ? Just after I arrived, I guessed.

I’m tempted to make you wait till I returned a day later to see what it’s like, but life’s too short, and in honesty it’s no Vulcan or Dyffryn Arms.

Perhaps the most unprepossessing exterior of any GBG pub.

With no sign of life at 15:59 I was convinced I’d wasted a second journey, but then the door flung open, the lady walked to the bar and begun a conversation with a bloke outside who already had a pint, and I picked my Wales completing pint.

Actually, it picked me. It was Proper Job or nowt. And it was decent (NBSS 3), though it would have been nice to get something local like Doom Bar, I guess.

If you visit, come during food hours and enjoy gentlefolk reading out the Specials Board.

Anyway, it was finished. My first ever completion of a whole country.

Not YET, Baa Baa…


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