“Please do not approach the bar”. Saundersfoot lays down the law.

Summer by the seaside. Can’t beat it. Unless you’re a ticker when a wet winter Wednesday in Wednesfield is wonderful.

Saundersfoot isn’t quite Tenby,

but it looked pretty special on the descent to the beach.

If Tenby is the Welsh Whitby, then Saundersfoot is its Filey, I guess. Nowt wrong with Filey, as Richard Coldwell would have said.

Ooh, Harbwr Bar, a brewery tap of sorts. We love those, don’t we ?

Inside it was heaving. I made for the bar, ready to be subjected to a barrage of boring words about beers and offers of tasters.

Never made it past the door.

Excuse me Sir, it’s table service ONLY. Would you like a table ? For one ? I’ll see if I can fit you in“.

Should have read What Pub first. “Primarily Restaurant but drinkers very welcome“. They can do what they like, of course, it’s their pub, sorry restaurant.

I sat down, squinted toward the bar, made out the words that looked like “Sea Bass” and asked for that when the man came back, but he had to get someone else to serve me, and then someone else took the payment.

The beer was slightly soapy, in a good way (NBSS 3), the experience soulless. A series of folk came to the door and were stopped from entry. “Table service ! For a beer. WTF” said one chap, echoing my thoughts.

NB I’ve been looking at a few posts from earlier this year from trips to Monmouth and Helensburgh, and I was surprised to see that Covid requirements like table service and signing-in were still a thing so recently. Did we really go through that ?

17 thoughts on ““Please do not approach the bar”. Saundersfoot lays down the law.

      1. I seem to remember the pubs in Shetland re-opened for beer without food in June or July 2021 but table service and tracing lasted a bit longer. All gone now of course and it wasn’t taken very seriously when it was still in place.


  1. I’ve not been to Saundersfoot for some time but Harbwr seem to have taken over Tenby. There is a multi-bar brewery tap with excellent beer and food and another pub they own nearby. I think they are biggest employer in Tenby.

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  2. Some people liked the restrictions, and the banning of people like me who refused a jab, or wore a mask. It happened and those of us won’t forget.

    Therefore Yes, you went through that! There are some of us that tried not to.


      1. Ah. WhatPub says: “Of all the micro pubs that now exist in the UK, this was the second to open, (after the Butcher’s Arms, Herne, Kent). Landlord Peter opted to leave the ‘rat race’ himself, making use of this one-time newsagent’s shop, with access from both the railway station platform and the station approach. Four changing beers and two real ciders are kept in a cool room from where the customers, (max 20 seated), are served direct to their table by the landlord himself. Popular with locals and County Durham real ale lovers, (the bus station is adjacent), the Rat Race is also visited by London imbibers, who take a day trip on the 3 hour Grand Central direct train service from Kings Cross. Not surprisingly, the pub has won many CAMRA awards during it`s existence, with its latest accolade being Local CAMRA branch 2020 Cider Pub of the Year. Since opening in 2009 more than 1900 beers, sourced from over 500 different breweries, have been served direct to your table by the landlord himself. Closed Sundays and Mondays. Please note that the pub also closes during the licensee’s annual holidays. Quality crisps, nuts and pork scratchings are available. No dogs. Accepts debit / credit cards, as well as cash”

        Doesn’t sound like your sort of place anyway, tbh Spinko 😉


      2. I don’t remember much more about it than I do other tedious things like waiting in traffic jams now if I think about it.


  3. We had four summer holidays in Saundersfoot when I was a kid, but I’ve never actually had a pint there. A pretty but architecturally rather higgledy-piggledy place. I was always confused by the geography, as I found it difficult to grasp the idea that it faces east and Tenby is to the south.

    As you know, the Bailey Head in Oswestry was applying the full works of Covid authoritarianism well into 2022, although I assume he’s given it up now.

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    1. Snap, Mudgie, although we only had two family holidays in Saundersfoot. My sister and I were far too young to drink, and as our parents weren’t drinkers either, there is nothing I can remember about the towns’ pubs.

      A great place for a holiday, and with wall to wall sunshine, we spent most days on the beach. Happy days!


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