Every year’s Good Beer Guide has a handful of “Signature Ticks”, the pubs with odd opening hours, require two ferries from the mainland, or have absolutely no social media presence.

The completist targets these ones early in the year, and holds their breath.

So it was with the Butchers Arms in tiny Tegryn in August. I’ve marked the Dyffryn to give an idea of location, but strictly the address is “down many, many small lanes from Newcastle Emlyn (named after an unsuccessful attempt to lure the Liverpool defender to Newcastle in 1980).

Not much to say about Tegryn, but the photo from Duncan’s drone shows some unusual crop markings, possibly an ancient way of recording NBSS scores.

And note Twisted Thimble Couture on the right. Duncan would actually turn up at the pub the very next night wearing one of their creations;

I was pitching up for the night here, rather glad I had the campervan as Welsh hotel prices went stratospheric in the Summer of 2022.

The Butchers ought to be called the Farmers, based on the car park (top), but there’s already a pub called that in Wales.

It was magical. West Wales does pubs which open at 6pm and have blokes sitting round in a circle talking twaddle better than any other country. And that’s purely subjective.

They were very friendly, but I felt a bit like an interloper, just popping in for a quick pint (only 2.5), almost abusing their hospitality, but I retired for the night on the cusp of completing Wales, and getting Duncan to have a Spoons curry.

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