Ayrshire in the bag, I then headed down the coast, somehow avoiding the charms (honest) of Girvan, to pitch up down the road from Stranraer.

Posts on minor Scottish football teams are always popular, so it was a shame Stranraer chose not to have a game that Friday morning when I arrived, and Sandhead’s appeal rests on placenames like Gruzy Glen and Mote Slap,

and a quirky little church.

Nice coast to leave the van overnight, though I noticed an alarming number of net curtains twitching as I parked up for free. Expect a big council sign saying “No Overnight Parking” when you inevitably repeat my quest yourselves.

In the absence of lower league football, pub cats are always a good way to boost your blog views, and right on cue this beauty beat me in to the Tigh Na Mara (Latin for “Don’t request tasters”).

This is Dolly. I know it’s Dolly because the dozen Old Boys in the Public Bar encouraged Dolly to pour me a pint while in the Lounge Bar all five staff wrestled with complex food orders.

Dolly proved better at licking herself, and me, and handpumps, than pouring a pint, which is why humans are the dominant animal.

I’m a man of unlimitless (?) patience, happy to stand at the bar trying to attract the staff’s attention with a winning smile and just happy a remote village pub is so busy.

Gave me chance to capture the spirit of a lovely drinking space, if there was anything to drink.

Ere, there’s a bloke dying of thirst waiting for a beer” shouted the senior Old Boy.

Sorry to keep you, what can I get you ?”

I’d completely forgot. Oh, there’s a picture of a beer on the bar. I’ll have that.

Was it worth the wait, then ?” boomed the Senior Old Boy.

It really was, a cool fruity 3.5, including standard 0.25 adjustment for the lick from Dolly (me, not the beer).


  1. Ah, so we have Dolly the Cat to blame for your new ambition to LICK pubs rather than TICK them.

    Still, a man must have a hobby.

    …and having a framed photo of the beer sitting on the bar certainly beats those jam jars.

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