I always knew Devon would be the toughest English county to complete.

I was tempted to skip a few pubs on the Devonian slog, but I realise some of you love pics of lil ol’ England and it gives me even more places to add to the Blog Map.

A string of tiny village pubs from Exeter to the coast, none of them pronounced as they’re written, just like in Wales. And the real risk of a 3 hour bus journey from Crediton arriving to find the pub closed as the chef hasn’t turned up.

But on the other hand, what treasure await in places like Cheriton Fitzpaine (pop. 556). Two pubs, 15th century housing, the world’s longest thatched longhouse;

99% of Devon village pubs in the Guide look like Ring Of Bells (the exception is the Hanlon brewery tap).

Unusual pub sign though.

Whether you like the seating will depend on whether you’re a) Mr RM or b) Mrs RM, I suspect.

Sadly, at 13:30 on a Wednesday in July there was no other soul inside or out. Come back on a wet Thursday in November in 2033 for BRAPA’s visit and it’ll be heaving, no doubt. I’m beginning to take the emptiness of pubs on my visits personally, though they all seemed to be thriving after 4pm.

Much to admire though. Golden pennies stuck to the bar, a box with logs, a photo of the 1967 Australian 20/20 team skittled for 35 on the village cricket team by a part-time off-spinner with a day job as a hay spreader, two very suspect looking hand pumps.

The Teignworthy spluttered out with an interesting fizz, and even in the garden replete with benches and, er, sofas it couldn’t quite be revived beyond a 2, but that’s what lack of turnover does for you.

As Pub Curmudgeon explains here.

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