Blimey, those North Devon pubs are remote. If BRAPA walks from Eggesford station to the Lymington Arms he should fortify himself with the breakfast at the Crossing Cafe.

Technically in Wembworthy, but really in Lama Cross (a garage and a pub), in the middle of nowhere,

the Lymington was deadly quiet when I arrived,

bar the sound of fighter jets overhead (stopping deliveries of Bass getting through, no doubt).

Showing off” said a cheery, chatty landlord as he poured the (probably) first Reel Ale (2.5) of the day.

Fully booked for meals at the weekend, quiet during the week, a familiar tale from Devon to Derbyshire.

I bet most of you know what the pub looks like even without the photo below.

I’ve no idea why I took that photo of the plant pot out front, or the brown urinals in the Gents.

None at all.


  1. Even though I was away, with variable signal and a phone that’s getting ready for the scrap heap, I couldn’t resist a post with #plantpots in it. But just as I was about to press send, my phone crashed.

    I’m pretty sure that what I would have posted was devastatingly witty, but now we’ll never know…


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