See how it glows !

Ian “Bassman” Thurman deserves some sort of award, perhaps a rescued Bass glass, for his tireless work in documenting Bass availability across the nation.

Over recent years I’ve come across more Bass in Welsh GBG ticks than anywhere, with a lot of those Derbyshire pubs that Life After Football visits being a bit too earthy for the Guide.

And so it was that my night in Swansea, Swansea offered two (2) pints of the rarely spotted (in Sheffield) amber nectar in mid July.

I parked the campervan in the huge car park next to a University in the middle of belated graduation ceremony season, and headed off to Mumbles.

This is the view directly across from the car park. Honest.

Swansea Bay is glorious, unless you’re a pub ticker who has set off to walk three miles in the sand in a) inappropriate footwear and b) just a T-shirt that seemed fine at 7pm but seemed foolhardy 3 hours later as the chill arrived.

I warmed up in the Beaufort Arms, which could equally be labelled “Norton”, “Mumbles” or “Swansea” in the GBG and therefore forced me to check my spreadsheets for 37 seconds in case I’d been before under a different geographic heading.

I wouldn’t have remembered it anyway, a typical ex-Brains (?) village local with comfortable seating.

But if I had been, and skipped it, I’d have missed the Bass, a smooth pint with top head and good temperature (NBSS 3.5),

and some cheery ’60s pop,

and some important advice for all pub tickers.

I thought I was going to be on my own (again) at nearing 8pm on a weeknight, but then four mates came in and began to discuss that “Canny West with his 6.6 billion” and all was well.

I’ll have a Bass please“.

Good choice” I said.

And it was.

4 thoughts on “WELSH BASS ALERT

  1. Mrs. E and I have done that exact walk a few times, but never realised that there was another pub besides The Pilot serving Bass there.

    I don’t read anything, you see.


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