Blimey, we live in a beautiful country, don’t we ? Or perhaps I just got lucky with the sunshine this summer as I homed in on GBG glory.

The walk from Swansea Uni to the Mumbles in mid-July was as good as it got, particularly with a Bass stop on the way. This is what you call a seaside;

Of course, the Mumbles is also renowned for Bass and Joe’s Ice Cream, which I just missed as I arrived at the smarter-every-year promenade.

Pizza, vino (whatever that is) and oysters dominate now,

and I was a bit worried that crafty micros were taking over, too. I was particularly worried about the mystery GBG entry out at sea on the app. Best leave that one till the tide goes out, Si.

But tiny Guide newbie Ty Cwrw (Welsh forDon’t ask for tasters“) was a charming beer bar in the Petersgate Tap mold,

though only half of the sign should be taken at face value.

At some point after my demise St Peter (not the brewery) will want to audit my GBG completion and he may view my gorgeous Tiny Rebel Mixed Berries 7% Sour as a minor fail, but not the sort of one to disqualify Guide ticks. Remember kids, ALL beer is REAL unless your glass is empty.

Cute people, a couple of cute greyhounds, cute indie soundtrack.

It was now 20:27. I checked the bus times;

Blimey. Not many of them, is there ? If I catch the next one I’ll miss out on something you should NEVER miss when visiting the Mumbles.

Best stay and enjoy the sunset then…


  1. Check the spelling, RM, it’s “Ty Cwrw”, Welsh for beer house. Although I don’t know why they bother, nobody in Swansea speaks Welsh.


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