Important domestic news before we head back to July. Our sloping garden has nearly been unsloped and we will soon have actual grass. Not sure what we do with it, but hey-ho.

In mid-July a rejuvenated Retired Martin was tackling another of the tricky Devon ticks, the Holt offering limited hours, and feeling very much the bistro with token handpump.

Before it opened at 5 I had the chance to assess whether Honiton was the Newmarket of the West and decides that, no, it’s the Chard.

A few smart shops, a lot of dross, great church

and this very odd pole;

The latin inscriptions warns visitors not to ask for tastes in the local pubs.

Actually, I reckon the pole is associated with the Hot Pennies ceremony,the only thing of note in the WIki entry. “At noon, the Town Crier, accompanied by the Mayor and other local dignitaries, raises a garlanded pole with gloved hand at the top, and proclaims that “The glove is up. No man may be arrested until the glove is taken down.“. 

Talking of crimes, is this the most obtrusive scribble on a pub wall of the year ?

Even the Holt, an old wine bar, looks more pubby, till you get to the walls decorated with restaurant reviews and French adverts.

There’s a wondrous smell, a complete disinterest in my presence, and no choice is necessary.

Theb soundtrack is “Jessica”

I expect half the customers will be called Jessica. I doubt Jessica cares about the lack of proper pub seating.

And I doubt Jessica is drinking the Otter. Take one look from above, dear readers, and guess the ABV.

11 thoughts on “A HONITON HOLT

  1. Is that blue mould on the top?

    Hot pennies day sounds like a shoe-in for a BRAPA visit, he can have wee round the back of the church without fear of a night in the town lockup.

    Incidentally, I’ve heard artificial grass is the ‘green’ alternative favoured by environmentalists, you can spray it with honey for the insects and just needs a light brush now and then, no evil energy required.

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      1. I’m not sure you understand how our election system works, “US” Dave.

        To explain, one bloke in Lower Goring shouts out a random word like “bus”, and another old bloke in Upper Snoring has to think of a politician with a similar sounding name (e.g. Vuss, Snuss, etc etc.). That’s how we’ve chosen Prime Ministers since before “America” existed.


    1. The GBG/What Pub desciption implies it carries more Otter beers, doesn’t it ? One is plenty, and in this case more than enough. Waiting for someone to come on and INSIST I should have taken it back.


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