It was the best of months, it was the worst of months.

September was by some way the most stressful month of my adult life, a month that started in a field in Wiltshire Dorset and saw some of the most manic journeys imaginable, even by my standards;

In the August Stocktake telling you I was a mere ten (10) hours away from Orkney and GBG completion glory. As it happened that final journey started in Waterbeach and took fourteen (14) hours, a journey taking in closures on the A1, biblical level downpours and the news of her the Queen’s demise.

It seemed a portent of doom, or at least a closed pub in Kirkwall, but two days later THAT final tick on Rousay brought a sense of redemption.

And oddly emptiness; what NOW ?

Well, lots of time spent in Waterbeach with Mum & Dad exploring the deep cuts on the Chung Hwa menu, I suspect. They’ve started on the Thai dishes while I stick loyally to the Crispy Beef, like a sad old bloke sticking to the Bass while the rest of the world drinks peanut butter DIPAs.

And attempting to catch up with blog. I’m still in mid-July, so it’ll be a while before you read about my Pub of the Month, St Ola in Kirkwall the pick of a Magnificent Eight on that penultimate night before Rousay.

That’s Swannay’s Scapa Special on the table above (don’t judge Mrs RM for the half pint, she’d only just moved from pints), a beer I came to love very quickly.

But Beer of the Month, unexpectedly, was Sam Smiths Stout, captured here on an ancient Kodak during a Sheffield CAMERA meeting.

Who knows what October will bring ? But surely the sun will still rise, as it did majestically over Larmer Gardens at the end of a music festival I mostly missed, but will never forget.


  1. That’s certainly a manic amount of traveling, by anyone’s standards, but I trust you’ve off-set all that carbon you clocked up!!

    ps. I know someone had to take the photo, but couldn’t you have persuaded one of the local to press the shutter, in order to join Mrs RM in that John o’ Groats shot?

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    1. I don’t like attention on my travels, Paul, so never told a publican about the blog, or the GBG quest or anything like that. I like to get the same experience as everyone else in a pub, i.e. completely random.

      I’m offsetting the carbon by eating a 1,000 beef burgers this month. Less cows reduces emissions I think ?

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      1. I think that not revealing your purpose to licensees, whilst on your travels, is a wise policy, Martin, unlike Simon who often invites others to “green in” his GBG.

        I try to do the same, although when asking the bar staff if they mind me taking photos, I sometimes feel that I ought to mention the blog. People can be a bit funny at times when they notice a phone camera being pointed around, as my son likes to reminds me, but as he’s very camera shy, I tend not to take a lot of notice.

        ps. I would stick with favourite Chinese takeaway, rather than attempting all those burgers, especially as the environmental damage has already been done by the time those bovines have been turned into something edible!


  2. Is now the right time to belatedly congratulate you on the completion of your mammoth task. You should be awarded the O.B.E. (Order Beer Everywhere). Have more tickers conquered the GBG than Everest or is it the other way round?

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  3. How did you persuade Mrs RM that it was such a good idea? All I get is ” all we do is go to pubs” or “wine in pubs is rubbish!” I’m just a mere amateur compared to many tickers, it is far easier ticking alone.

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    1. Mrs RM is a beer girl, though she’s largely moved to crafty keg since last summer’s disastrous cask on the west coast of Scotland. She saves the wine till I’m off ticking solo….


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