Two new GBG ticks in Exmouth in July, there were two new ones last time I was here, too. I like that churn, makes the completion of the Guide harder for the other tickers.

There’s a bit of the Bridlington about Exmouth. Unpretentious seaside town with a lot of old buildings and a sense of constant change.

My first pub, seconds from the station, is the mysteriously named GWRSA. I assumed it was an acronym.

Takes me ages to realise it’s the Railway workers club, a fact not obvious from the clientele, almost all of whom are wearing Hawaii shirts.

I’d go on strike, too, if that was the staff uniform.

No checks of membership cards, a very relaxed atmosphere, and a far from cutting edge beer range.

And the bench seating!

Obviously the Mudg(i)es would dispense with the scatter cushions,

but they’d love the deep House soundtrack.

and tolerate a slow moving but OK Exe Valley.

Five minutes in the club, and I decided to DO Exeter, buying my online ticket as the train departed along the estuary.

Tom Irvin will advise if that’s legal.

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