When a GBG entry is called “Drovers” you expect something rural and unfussy, but actually you rarely get it.

The Drovers in Memus in agricultural Angus promises mor(e) than it delivers, sadly.

Wiki tells me “A story is told of a kelpie at Shielhill Bridge, leaving its cloven hoofprint behind on a stone as a petrosomatoglyph.[2]“. Which is the first ever petrosomatoglyph on this blog.

A traditional Scottish inn with a contemporary look” says What Pub, which reminds you that rural Scottish inns can be quite upmarket (read: expensive).

I guess in Cheshire this would be a Brunning & Price by now with a sign telling you their rules at the door.

Different rules here, with Covid precautions still in place all across Scotland.

I expected to be harassed at the entrance with questions about reservations and greeters escorting me to a table, but in fairness it was remarkably unfussy, and looked a great place for lunch,

and I can forgive the chairs blocking the way to the bar where lovely staff were happy to just serve me a half.

But I can’t as easily forgive the dull MoR Calm & Wise, £2.50 your NBSS 2 half of slow moving nothingness. What would MoR make of their own excellent beers being sampled like this.

Take it back !” you say. But you know as well as I do the second one will be no different, and I’ll just have to pretend it is and walk away chastened.

Fortunately, their garden is both gorgeous and offers numerous tipping opportunities.

2 thoughts on “MEMUS MEANDERINGS

  1. Looks like the final GBG. hurdle is turning into the Great Flowerpot Water. You must be looking forward to the day when you can choose pubs and beer on personal merit rather than ctte!?


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