You left me waiting for a Chinese takeaway in Kirriemuir. I nipped back to the car to retrieve Baa Baa Toure, who I’d left behind. He gets very upset at being abandoned in the dark in a council car park, particularly next to a statue of Bon Scott.

Now, I never knew Bon was raised here, but it is in Angus, appropriately. AC/DC memorabilia competed with Peter Pan paraphernalia in unexpected places all over town.

Is it worth a stop ?

Well, possibly. The walk round the town park in the morning was great, the black coffee in 88 Degrees was quality (the Scottish are good baristas), and The Roods was as inviting as the sign promised.

No cask, with the unused handpump clearly used for leaning one, but as I always say one pump is plenty, often more than enough.

Yes, coming to Scotland and NOT having Tennent’s is like visiting Belgium and not drinking a Trappist beer. I guess.

It was, well, Tennent’s. Cool and refreshing, as well as cheap. Served on decade old beer mats, too.

The Roods itself was welcoming, unfussy, and as promised a place to relax and enjoy the competing attractions of the Scottish women on Alba TV and the noisiest fruit machine since Tamworth.

Scottish goalie Gibson denied a Ukrainian forward.

Oh, good save, mate” chorused the Old Boys.

“Want another one” asked the cheery landlord. The correct answer was “Yes”, but I’d already left my Peter Chan takeaway waiting.

The sticker gave it a “PASS” on hygiene, normally a good sign, but it was indeible (NCTSS 1). And expensive (£14.30, no free prawn crackers).

Enough to put you off Chinese food for life. Almost.

2 thoughts on “ANGUS, BON AND THE ROODS

  1. I’m more and more impressed by the lengths you’ll go to for the sake of your readers. Pouring undrinkable cask into plant pots (tick); ordering inedible food (or was it “indelible”?) (tick); drinking mainstream lagers with a smile (tick); pretending to enjoy said lager and expressing regrets about not having time for another (tick). As I say, impressive.


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