Five (5) ticks needed to complete the Isle of Man for GBG22, one of them the most northern and hard to get to on the island, the Manx Applecross.

I had an hour to waste in Ramsey before the 08:30 school bus (yes !) to Andreas,

OK, it’s only 07:23, with nothing open till the Costa at 08:00, but that’s OK. I know you love pictures of closed pubs.

Ramsey looks in good health. benefitting from the blue skies brought over by the righteous.

All your favourites shops are still here,

and some newish civic sculpture,

with those gorgeous pale exteriors at every turn.

But it’s the good, cheap beer you come for, I guess.

Not bad, but the O’Kells was £2.70 in 2018. Rip-off Britain.

So the Trafalgar looks a real bargain.

Shame they weren’t open at 8am, what happened to continental culture ?

Over the bridge, Belvedere Court is still the Victoriana of your dreams,

and Bleak House still awaits conversion by Brunning & Price.

Yes, that is a Boddington’s sticker in the window.

10 thoughts on “ON RAMSEY STREET(S)

  1. Remember that magnificent ironmongers. Which leads me to brood over what else can be monged. Fish, war, whores, costers (whatever they are) come to mind. Any advance?


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