Having wheeled the lady with the sprained ankle and two (2) dogs onto the Ben Ma Chree with dedicated pet room I actually managed a couple of hours sleep myself; the perfect preparation for 32 hours frantic travel on the Isle of Man.

Baa Baa’s raised eyebrow says it all.

No time for sleep for the ticker attacking the Guide, but plenty of rewards like the reinvigorating sunrise over Douglas harbour at 05:30.

I name the Isle of Man my 5th favourite UK place during the pandemic, and if anything it looked even better than last time here in 2018. A week after the TT races the place sparkled, full of new art and well signposted throughout.

The benefit of walking a town at 6am is the stillness, and getting the Bee Gees to yourself.

The downside is that the pubs cafes are closed.

Even the Albert, which I always assumed was 24 hours.

But I was heading north, and joined the hordes, if one passenger can be a horde, at Lord Street for the 06:35 to Ramsey.

I needed coffee, lots of it, but to be fair the journey round the north-east coast was both gorgeous and less bumpy than Vectis Buses.

And STILL folk go to Wight instead of Man.

4 thoughts on “DAWN OVER DOUGLAS

    1. In fairness I went to the Isle of Wight a month later and had a better experience on the buses so wasn’t quite so ill when I actually reached the south of the island.

      But Man is unmissable in my opinion.

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  1. Best way to get to Ramsey is on the electric railway, beautiful trip but probably not running at that ungodly hour.

    Was in a pub in Ramsey once and heard the following: “I said do you want a read of me paper an’ ‘e says what paper is it an’ I says Daily Star an’ ‘e says no. ‘E reads f***in Sun, f***in snob.” Truly a BRAPA moment.

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