I was rather taken with these photos from Heysham on the longest day,

but with seven (7) hours to kill till the ferry I had plenty of time to get the shots set up along Morecambe Bay.

What a bay it is, almost as good as, well, anywhere.

Only marginally spoilt by the sight of Heysham 2 Power Station in the distance behind the “Ship” sculpture in Half Moon Bay.

I must have fallen asleep, or wrote a blog or something, as suddenly it was gone 9pm and I thought I’d better work out where the port was on foot in case they left without me.

But first, a comfort break in the only Heysham pub I hadn’t been in.

The Duke of Rothesay has 480 reviews on Google and 479 of them are complaints about parking. Specifically, that they didn’t see the sign telling them to register their vehicle before parking up.

Quite how you could miss the signage at the door, bar and every table is beyond me.

I only wanted a coke.

Just a pint of coke, please

JUST a coke ?“. I could sense the disapproval.

Quite a pleasant budget dining place, with comfy seating and sockets to charge your phone.

but my main recollection was a bloke pacing up and down with pint of Spanish lager swearing into a phone. It denotes a category of pub that rarely makes the GBG.

Anyway, possible a pre-emptive tick, certainly in a BRAPA world.

Time to head for the Isle of Man, just as the bikers left it.

But first, four (4) hours at the ferry terminal. Four (4) hours I hoped to use for a doze, but instead found myself chain-ganged into watching the dogs of a lady who’d broke her ankle in a freak accident in the Trossachs.

Less of that later.


  1. You didn’t give the NCSS for the Coke. And also you need to state whether they gave you Coke or whether they did the “Is Pepsi ok?” trick on you. Honestly, standards are really slipping. Can you get Christine to lend you a hand? (Only joking!)

    Tremendous photo of the sunset, btw.


    1. It was Pepsi, so NCorPSS 4. I had a “coke” in the Somerset levels last week that was a 0.5. Honest.

      Christine should get back to her own blog which is stuck in Maidenhead.

      And thanks, but the sunset takes the credit.


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