The final 1%

I’m sitting in a hot pub garden in the Somerset levels, campervan parked for the night, drinking a second OK pint in an hour while Slade sing “Cum on feel the noize” (sic. As the kidz say).

I promised you an update and here it is.

With the Crown in Catcott ticked I need 39 more ticks. My final pub is unlikely to be in Wales. Or England.

I’m Mr 99%+. It feels good, but scary.

22 of those are in northern Scotland. It would be easier to get to Chicago than Claddach Kirkibost.

Will the ferries run ?

Will there be any food in Stornoway ?

Will the pubs even be open, despite me phoning ahead.

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26 thoughts on “The final 1%

      1. You’d be amazed how many jellyfish there are in the Minch. And beware of the Blue Men….
        Apparently northern Scotland is chocker at the moment, a combination of Covid, airport chaos and them making such a big thing of the NC500, good luck with it…


  1. Seriously, any problems you get will be with Calmac ferries. Orkney’s not a problem, you can get there with Pentland Ferries but the ferries to North Uist and Harris are screwed. At least Skye has a bridge.


    1. If all else fails you can fly to Benbecula and walk / hitch / hope to catch the post bus. I’ve a feeling that I might even have been to the Westford Inn, having stayed in a youth hostel on North Uist in my, err, youth.

      Slade must be raking it in on the royalties at present – “Cum on feel the noize” was played before every athletics session at the Commonwealth Games (based on a sample of 4).


  2. Can’t believe I have visited that one by public transport. Had to pre book the little bus the day before and the lovely driver gave us a tour of the island on the way we were the only ones in the bus. A lovely pub with a real fire when we went.

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    1. When went to Uists back in the day bus service was provided by Post Office, with the postie doing some collections & deliveries on the way. Would have taken photos when used it (as doubtless did every single other tourist). No idea where are now – up in the attic somewhere expect – but sure they looked very much like this stock one:


  3. The Old Inn at Carbost Iske of Skye is a great place and you can stay there too. Great views. Was very busy when I stayed there. Almost next door to the Talisker Distillery too. Enjoy.


  4. Now’s the time to play your ace card and pull in that favour at the GBG 2023 printers. Remember, all it takes is one ‘Avoid like the plague’ description (Brewdog say, Ruddles Bitter for choice) and the industrial shredder and ticker breathing space comes into play…


  5. You may have timed completion well, with most pubs in the UK either closing from October to May too avoid fuel bills, or just closing forever. GBG 2024 may only have 15 entries, all Brunning & Price.


  6. 39! So tantalizingly close to the goal, and yet as you say so many hurdles to overcome. There must be a “Sisyphus feeling” that sets in at this stage, the sensation of the goal posts being moved just as you near them. Sincerely hope you can hit the target before the arrival of the next GBG. Heaven knows you’ve earned it!!

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