It appears that Joan and Dave Southworth have toured the Garden of Kent without visiting its most sacred and historic monument;

which shows how little the Americans value history. Should we be surprised ?

If they’d come a month or so earlier they could have participated in the Great Debate on sandwiches (ham or otherwise). Do crisps go IN or OUT of the sandwich ?

We arrive at Sandwich‘s new Travelodge a day too early to influence the result.

I left Mrs RM in a budget hotel with chocolate vending machine while I set off on the 30 minute walk to the station to complete Kent. “Bring me a ham sandwich wine !” she shouts.

First time here in 5 years, and it’s more gorgeous than ever, even if you wouldn’t drink the water.

The pubs aren’t as good as in Ramsgate but the architecture is stunning, and you can walk the bounds in 20 minutes.

I never did spot the walrus.

If I was a real Pub Man I’d have gone in the Crisp Inn for old times sake, but a ticker has to be disciplined so you just get a photo today.

Now, I can’t be sure, but I’d say a pub called Crisp InN isn’t going to sit on the fence on the issue dividing the nation.

Now, I reckon a cheese and onion cob filled with cheese and onion crisps and pint of Bathams is as haute cuisine as you can get; here’s one I was just about to prepare in Delph.

Wiki tells me “Crisp sandwiches are also called piece and crisps (in Scottish English),[2] chippy sandwich (in Australian English), chip sandwich, crispwich,[3] crisp sarnie, crisp butty, or crip sambo“. Never let it be said this blog isn’t cultured or educational.

You even get a song about crisp sandwiches, inevitably from a Leeds band.

Justice was done in the vote. Here, courtesy of Wales Online, is Jemma Collins and some bloke who kicked a football celebrating a historic victory on the balcony of Sandwich Town Hall (future micropub).

The turnout, some 33% was higher than in some parliamentary by-elections.


  1. That cheese piece looks lovely & yes,I would add crisps (shame they are Walkers though -Seabrook all the way for this Yorkshire lass ) I agree -Sandwich is a lovely place,

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      1. Martin,
        During the 1970s Richard Boston wrote that “the classic pub food remains the potato crisp”, so no need for meals back then, and that “In the view of most connoisseurs, the best crisps now are Walkers’ of Thurmaston, Leicester, to be found mostly in pubs in the Midlands, Yorkshire and Anglia” which was when there were local crisps for local drinkers.
        We’ve still got the Midlands and Yorkshire but I’m not sure what happened to Anglia.

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    1. Scott,
      And what size ?
      I remember in a pub long ago
      “And a bag of crisps please”
      “Large or small”
      The landlord then put the bag on the bar counter and bashed it with his fist.


  2. In the picture of the pub and the arch on the pub sign, does the pub portrayed also have a sign of the pub and arch, and so on?


      1. There’s no sign on the building on the sign, and there are other differences should we all want to play “spot the difference” during the next blog post hiatus.

        Maybe the sign is intended to show the pub as it was in 1491?

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