There’s an assumption that the annual 500 or so new GBG entries are all micropubs and brewery taps inaccessible by public transport and never open, and of course there’s some truth in that.

But not a lot. My final batch of Kent ticks comprised one micro that was really a social pub, a young people’s fun pub, and several plain village pubs catering to everyone except beer twitter, who are all at GBBF anyway.

Three to go, starting with Wingham. You remember Wingham ?

Actually, you don’t, as the Anchor is my very first visit to a pub on the A257 between Canterbury and Sandwich.

There’s an oast house and a zoo with lemurs and a curry house, but I’ll leave those for you to explore,

and just admire the multi-roomed, wooden-beamed pub with hops on the ceiling.

Now, I have no idea what hops are used for, but clearly they’re important as pint pots are on the ceiling too. Go figure, as they say in Sandwich.

It was really friendly, and I’d tell you if it wasn’t. One Old Boy with better knees than me (or Mrs RM) at the bar compared notes on the weather with us. Thanks to global warming this has been another great year for British weather, the perfect conversational ice breaker (ironically).

Yes, I had the Harvey’s, the Old School choice in an Old School pub, a cool NBSS 3. Now I review the foam, I wonder why it wasn’t a bit higher.

But it wasn’t.

The pub was probably a 4/5, aided my classic 1985 pop,

and an animated conversation about “wet tobacco” (a new indie band, I think) and the Bramley Corner traffic lights once the tradesmen made their entrance.

Another day, another dollar” said one, so perhaps plasterers are all paid in American currency now. Very wise.

Cartoons of the locals on the wall, billiards table,

HUGE garden housing a boutique caravan park.

No, not ours.


  1. Your very first pub on the A257 between Canterbury and Sandwich??? The Anchor is excellent of course, but there is also The Haywain at Bramling (home of the Bramling Cross – another of those ceiling decorations). Another great old fashioned pub. Hopdaemon Incubus plus London Pride plus one or sometimes two local beers (for local people ). Not to mention Charlie, the pub dog.

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    1. Hi Andy. I’ve been to the Haywain ! Great pub. Don’t see Hopdaemon often, lovely beers.

      NB I actually wrote “the Anchor is my very first visit to a pub on the A257 between Canterbury and Sandwich” i.e. first time I’d been there.



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