Since I’m in Kent, here’s my last Guide 17 tick for the county, and look how lovely the GBG looks now against the backdrop of my Bristol Premier Inn.


Whatever chaos is going on elsewhere in the Guide’s new entries (micros, social clubs and Spoons), you can always rely on Sandwich to come up with a proper pub. And proper wildlife.


We caught Sandwich in the calm before an apocalyptic storm which was to make the closure of the station waiting rooms (and its toilets) something of a disappointment.


But before that, the town sparkled. It really reminds me of one of those small Germanic towns like Memmingen, so neatly kept are the lawns and so perfect the medieval streets. German towns have better kebab shops, of course.


The Mill Wall that gives you classic views of the back streets and the cricket is one of my favourite bits of England.IMG_20170805_134455.jpg


But it did add to our journey time to the King’s Arms, leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mrs RM. She’d skipped breakfast.


Her angst rose as she plonked into the nearest free table (they were all set for dining), only to be told it should have had a “Reserved” sign on it, and would she like to sit in the restaurant ?


No thanks. What on earth are you going to see in the restaurant ?

We opted for the garden, which really is lovely, until those dreadful smokers come out.


Back inside I enjoyed an old-school bar, served by two old-school gents wearing ties, and an interor unchanged since 1977.


Perhaps a beer range from 1977, too.  Yes, this was it, and two is plenty.


How does a pub with just two beers, one of them the dreaded GK IPA, get in the Beer Guide in 2017 ?, you scream.

By serving consistent, quality cellar cool pints (NBSS 3.5, both).  That’s how. Unfussy cheap pub food too, with proper chips and pleasant service.

Octogenarian banter from men in MCC white suits centres on gout.

Seafood gives you gout. And broad beans.  And chutney

The things you learn in an English pub.

We stayed in our campervan for free on the Promenade at Ramsgate.  As they say, the view was priceless.



  1. You managed a pint of each? Excellent. Love the two gents in ties, always willing to advise on how the Harvey’s is drinking that day. The food *is* good, even chips-free.

    We first enjoyed the place before it made the GBG, a year ago IIRC. It and the Red Cow…really all you need in Sandwich.

    I was off Sandwich for a while, after encountering dog (and other) snobbery in that other dining-oriented GBG pub; the place is a bit higher class than me. But our last few visits haven’t included that place, and all for the better.

    We’ll very likely be back on the blessed Isle in Sept. As I’m sure I’ve said before.


    1. Yes, pint of each, notionally shared with the Mrs and quite quaffable.

      Have enjoyed all Sandwich pubs (Crispin and Market the others), nowt special but unpretentious though see your issue.

      Well be back down there for the opening of world’s biggest Spoons, of course.


  2. The four of us enjoyed the King’s Arms on Sunday. The entertainment was excellent(Roy Leslie). We also thought highly of the Crispin.


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