Still in Fife, the shaded area on the map;

I love that bit of coastline between the big bridge (I think it’s called big bridge) and the golf place, and if you can get over the shock of the Brewer’s Fayre in Glenrothes the pubs are worth the trip.

Another of Fife’s highlights is the naming confusion for GBG completists. The Railway Inn is listed under Lower Largo (pop.2,390), which you’ve never heard of, in Leven (which you’ve never heard of either).

But Wiki tells me the town is also called Seatown of Largo, and when I was here with Mrs RM to tick the golf hotel it was Lundin Links, so confusion reigns. Why can’t everywhere be called Newport ?

I arrive at the same time as actual tourists, possible even North Londoners, arriving with huge suitcases to drag to their seafront cottages. Why do folk take so much on holiday ? A pair of knickers and a toothbrush in a Tesco bag will do you fine; you can wash your knickers in the sea.

In a town of sandy beaches, Robinson Crusoe heritage, Stockport-themed viaduct and cobbled lanes, the Railway is doing good business mid afternoon, albeit with people who clearly don’t go in pubs very often down South.

At the bar Mr Bloke has a complex order (“Sorry” he says), which makes you wish for a time everyone ordered a pint of Tetley.

I take the photos while I wait, and glare at someone who tries to nick my place at the bar.

Ooh, that’s nice;

is it a Scottish handpump ? Alchemy for me, an OK NBSS 3, par for the course on the Par 3 Fife coast.

Mr Bloke attempts to pay but he’s forgotten his wife’s PIN number (he’s using his wife’s credit card, which I think still carries a death sentence in Fife).

Don’t worry, can happen to anyone” I say.

A second Mr Bloke has started a queue. He’s attempting to order a cheese, ham and onion toastie from a pleasing mid-afternoon bar snacks menu.

But they don’t have onion. Now, you and me would say “That’s fine, cheese and ham will do“, but not Mr Bloke, who was completely flummoxed, as Londoners often are in pubs.

But goodness me my pub would be dull without Mr Bloke.


    1. Last time I was in Leven – and it was a long time ago – the bus in which us Dumbarton supporters came was bricked by East Fife fans. It was a cold journey back to Dumbarton in the winter with several windows missing.

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      1. Scott,
        I did that in 2001 and ‘chased up’ in a dodgy few streets off the Stone Road a colleague didn’t want to do but it was okay before dark.


    1. Aw, thanks, Peter. Your own posts are the most sensible on blog twitter.

      I will revisit Dumbarton at some point as I feel its allure escaped me last year (not taking the piss, all places have their merits).


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