Until last month, Glenrothes was, perhaps, best known for the Retired Martin blog post from a GBG Brewer’s Fayre serving only an undrinkable Doom Bar. “But ALL Doom Bar is undrinkable, surely ?” writes a luddite on Discourse.

Oh, and its proximity to the historic town of Raith, home to Kirkcaldy Rovers.

But time, and the GBG, give you opportunity to revisit unheralded Scottish new towns, and discover the joy of Glenrothes Roundabout Art, captured here by The Courier.

Driving round roundabout ISN’T a Glenrothes specialty, hence Rexie’s bashed tail.

My next tick is just out of town in historic Leslie.

I didn’t actually find much historic about Leslie; the Chinese restaurant looks promising. But Burns Tavern is your classic Old Boy booze, opening at 11am for the benefit of tickers (I presume).

It’s a spotless place, five Old Boys and a young pool player competing against the landlord. I like that.

Just the Tim Taylor Landlord on, a very creamy NBSS 3+, which I’ll remind you is GBG standard.

I’ve no problem with TT Landlord the sole beer in a pub as long as someone drinks it. Can’t imagine there’s many English tourists drinking cask in Glenrothes, though there’s loch and long drivers next door as the set-up for the Golf Open continues apace.

When Smokey Sings” and “The Things We Do For Love” play at an ideal volume, then an aimless discussion about Solitaire ensues.

I know a song about that”

DON’T sing it !“. He does.

Scotland has great pubs. And giant flowers.

Photo :


  1. “But ALL Doom Bar is undrinkable, surely ?”
    No, my two pints of it were lovely in my nearest Dorbiere pub yesterday, a long time since I’ve known it drinking that well.
    And now they’ve started doing food the burger and chips for £6.50 wasn’t bad.


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