The posts have dried up to such an extent that Dave Southworth, seen here with my #PubMan of 2019,

has risked our warm cask to travel the Atlantic to ask for his subscription back.

Well Dave, you’ll get reports on Lundin Links and Trent Bridge and Port Erin soon enough (OK, November), but this has been the Summer of Tick.

Name that pub. Don’t mumble !

A fortnight ago I gave you a list of my last 100 pubs to finish the guide; now it’s down to 62.

So where will I finish ? Will it even be in Scotland ? Will the beer be rubbish in my last pub ?

And will I even make it to Applecross ?

Keep reading.


    1. Correct. In February 2020 I’d got to within c.350 of completion, which I though might be possible, but the the lockdown effectively scuppered plans for Scotland and the South-West.


      1. If all else fails, you could try swimming!

        All joking aside, it would have been nice to have met up, and been introduced to Mr & Mrs Southworth, assuming they are still in the country. Not that I would have wanted to scupper your GBG completion plans, though.


      2. Sadly I only had time to meet them for a quick pint in Eastbourne on Sunday, Paul, before I headed west. You should have made a case on your blog for them to visit Tonbridge ! Actually, it has some excellent pubs these days, though the beach needs some work.

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      3. Eastbourne and three months late for the AGM.
        That’s a shame as they would have loved the Life Membership debate.

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  1. 62!! Wow that’s fantastic news, Martin, hats off to you. To be within just 62 pubs of completing the goal is just stunning— testimony to to how steadfast you have been keeping at it, week after week, year after year.


    1. Thanks Mark. Lots of planning, driving and ferries to go yet but I thought you’d want to follow progress. Remember if I fail to complete before the next Guide comes out the target will go up to about 462 !

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      1. That’s quite a churn, if that’s the right word. No doubt all down to the Camras, and their desire to keep the Guide fresh and appealing, or does it just reflect the current state of flux within the licensed trade?

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  2. Martin – please do not leave Number Forty-Seven at Troon to last. Opens 1500 as you state on Tuesday, but 3 of the 5 ales when I called recently were GK stable. And another was Ayr brewery. Made my choice easy though !


  3. The Talardd Arms (now a burger bar) would make a great ‘final tick’, especially if the highly-anticipated pint of Doom to conclude the pinking is replaced by a cheeseburger with fries and a milk-shake


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