I spent more time in Scotland in June than in Sheffield, getting full value from my £5.99 Search for Sites (campervan overnighters) sub.

Talking of subs, the next step on the road to completion (down to 85, folks) took me to Rosyth on the Firth of Forth of Fife for the first time ever.

Well, not quite; Rosyth itself remains resolutely a keg heartland.

But a mile along the coast Limekilns offers free parking, ominous skies,

pretty cottages,

and two (2) pubs in the Guide. Your challenge today, having failed to answer last night’s quiz correctly, is to find a cask pub round here that ISN’T in the the GBG.

The Ship is, allegedly, the setting for the tasters scene in “Kidnapped“, but we all know that was really set in the Spoons in Glenrothes.

Why do Greene King own all the classic seafront pubs round here (see also : Broughty Ferry, Anstruther) ?

The Ship looks great, has a warm welcome and three (3) pumps.

For some reason I pick the local one on the right.

Do you want a taster ? It’s a local one, it may have an unusual taste

Ho ho, a pint’s a taster. No thanks, unless it tastes of turnips“.

I actually said that.

It didn’t taste of turnips, but it would have been better if it had. Clearly, it’s what they call “a slow mover”.

Why didn’t you take it back ?” asks A. Reader.

What, having turned down a taster ? Are you mad ?

I stared out to sea, admired the plant pot, and silently admonished myself.

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