Actually, it’s another post about Glenrothes, but I didn’t want to scare you off.  And “Flittin’ thru’ Fife” came to me, as if in a dream, as I walked through the bucolic suburbs on the way to the centre of town.

You may be surprised to see that pub No. 2, the central Spoons, is an hour’s walk from Glenrothes station.

Only if you’re slow or stop to take photos

There’s some impressive art on the way.

Possibly Scottish DNA
Stonehenge, Glenrothes
What can it all mean ?

But if I tell you that the Golden Acorn is the architectural highpoint of central Glenrothes, you will draw your own conclusions.


Inside is your usual high table heaven/hell, but this is a surprisingly pubby Spoons, full of mid-afternoon drinkers of all ages.

High tables

The now standard Abbot/Doom/Deuchars/homebrew line-up, so again I go local and cross my fingers.

Odd new Deuchars pump clip

A perfectly good (NBSS 3+) Deuchars, though not a patch on the stuff being drunk by the barrel in Edinburgh 20 years ago.

The only BRAPA–standard drama came when yours truly attempted to order chicken bites on the App but put in the wrong table number (No.76 wasn’t on the drop-down menu).  I then spent 15 minutes staring at table 74, where my bites turned up to the bewilderment of a table of professional drinkers and I had to retrieve them. There must be a German word for that.

I had 5 minutes to assess the town before the bus left. I was going to describe it as a Scottish Corby, but of course Corby is Scottish.

Bus stop

This hotel/curry combination may be the iconic shot.


On the bus, the driver told me that he was going round the houses and I’d be better off waiting five minutes for the fast coach.  He was right.

And then I took the coach  to Kircaldy.  This was my departing view;


Nice hippos on the corner.


Next stop, Raith.





17 thoughts on “FLITTIN’ THRU’ FIFE

  1. “Glenrothes”

    Good lord. That looks like something you’d see on the Russian Steppes.

    “Stonehenge, Glenrothes”

    Or possibly very large dominoes?

    “What can it all mean ?”

    I think you’d need that Scottish DNA thingy to figure that one out.

    “There must be a German word for that.”

    Possible Freudenschad, the opposite of schadenfreude. 🙂

    “Nice hippos on the corner.”

    At first I thought that was in reference to the two ladies on the bench in an earlier photo. 😉


    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not at all familiar with Glenrothes, but have visited that ‘spoons. The town I believe used to be (and maybe still is) studded with various fibreglass animals, like the hippos. To hop forward a blog, I had some outstanding Salopian Oracle in the Kirkcaldy spoons. Strange town, the high flats along the front make me think of it as a windswept Torremolinos. Interesting walk eastwards from the beach, along the Fife Coastal Path.

    Have I missed it, or have you still not got to Cumbernauld yet?


      1. If you moved to Cumbernauld would you boast about it? Bankruptcy and lack of a ground tends to do that to teams.
        Probably too soon for an Albion-Clyde rivalry to have built up, used to be Clyde-Partick.


      1. Clyde were evicted in 1986 due to planned redevelopment of their Shawfield Stadium home. After a nomadic period they relocated to Broadwood, a grimly empty and windswept location even by Cumbernauld standards. Widely held to be the coldest ground in Scotland. The posh hooses have now sprouted up to surround the stadium, which now has a competition standard bmx track as a neighbour. Not that the inhabitants are going to watch the Clyde. Not that far from the Innkeepers Lodge actually, possibly still the town’s best spot for real ale. Shawfield, by the way, has still not been redeveloped thirty years later and continues to host the dugs. Clyde very nearly relocated to East Kilbride recently; due, again, to eviction issues.

        I may be mixing my blogs up, maybe times past Tandleman it was who had a yen to visit The Vulcan in Coatbridge (handy for Cliftonhill) and I suggested it was worth the short train trip to add Cumbernauld’s striking split-level offering to any ‘spoonsquest.


      2. Wow, all you ever wanted to know about Cumbernauld but were afraid to ask a local. I also stayed at the Castlecary H(M)otel years ago, a GBG regular till recently.


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