Nice carpet, Old Hoose.

And a gorgeous Scottish seaside town I failed to do justice to in 2018 but made it up to last month.

You can park for free overnight along the coast within sight of Bass Rock, which is one of life’s great bargains. I bet North Berwick Council and read this and ban us now.

A walk along the beach finds a candidate for BRAPA’s next pub mascot, but beware Mr Whiskered Cat, Simon’s mascots last less time than a Watford FC manager.

It’s always a mild surprise to find a new entry in Scotland as you tend to assume that all the cask pubs have been in the Guide before, and micros and new Spoons are a rarity.

But the blokey drinking emporium Auld Hoose, a little bit of Edinburgh New Town by the coast, looks a GBG cert.

Remind me what those little taps in front of the pumps are for ?

And what do they keep in the barrels above the bar ?

No, don’t tell me. I don’t care.

Let me tell you that Orkney IPA was a classic; cool and rich (NBSS 4), the pub lively, and the response to a Scotland goal in the Nations League rapturous.

I think it was the Nations League. It could have been a friendly. Or qualifying for the World Cup. I’m so confused by football scheduling.

19:45, all ticked out, and too early for a Chinese takeaway order.

What to do ?


  1. The Auld Hoose has been gbg before Martin.

    I don’t have my records to hand (currently in Carlisle), but from memory I would suggest 2004. I will confirm tomorrow.

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    1. Thanks, Mark. I knew you’d know. It certainly looks like GBG material, and nearly every cask outlet in Scotland outside Edinburgh seems to be GBG (quite rightly to be fair, the beer quality was good).


      1. Just checked my old gbg’s and confirm Auld Hoose was in the 2004 along with the Nether Abbey Hotel (2004 is my earliest retained).

        The Ship appeared in the 2005 along with the NAH, and so it was a few years before I went back for the Ship.

        It wasn’t a problem though as there was railway interest at North Berwick for a while. Proper trains using displaced class 90 electrics and mark 3 coaches !

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  2. To show just how little attention I have been paying to the gbg in recent years, I have just realised that the Auld Hoose also made the gbg in 2020 and 2021 in addition to 2022 !

    Must try harder.

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    1. I don’t keep ANY old GBGs, just the current ones, so Auld Hoose came in just after my first N. Berwick trip.

      Some ma’s folk insist on ticking pubs that dropped out the GBG decades ago


  3. I agree with your approach to the gbg Martin. As in working through the current edition. Attempting to complete historical editions seems contradictory to me.

    Not being a commited gbg ticker as such myself, I can please myself and go any place I want anyway.

    Of course there are no fixed rules in this game – it’s each to their own as we know.

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  4. With not buying the Good Beer Guide in recent years I don’t have to decide whether to keep them.


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