I wanted to use “New Quay, handy for a pee” but I sense BRAPA has an eye on that one.

2022 is the year of the big push towards the GBG prize, and it’s throwing up some real gems around the UK coast.

We’d stayed in New Quay in 2005, in that sprawling caravan park you can see in the bottom right hand corner.

The boys loved the Welsh coast almost as much as the Walsall IKEA play area as we wove our way home.

A holiday budget spent on ice cream, inflatables and GBG ticks.

Nothing much has changed since 2005.

ALL the pubs are still called the Black Lion.

Everyone is stressed by the challenge of securing a table and remembering the family’s meal choices.

And the beer range is Purple Moose or some newfangled craft beer from Cornwall which has just won a Champion Beer award from CAMRA (honest).

I play safe and go with the local Elderflower beer, which is cool and crisp (3.5) and enjoys its view over to whatever is over that sea.

It was gorgeous.

11 thoughts on “NEW QUAY, HEAVEN BY THE SEA

  1. Nothing can really top a view like that. What a great place to have a beer. You’ve actually been in some really nice pubs lately. I thought it was micros from here on out.

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    1. You’d think it would be micros to the end, but actually they tend to be in the north and midlands of England, and I’ve done those. What I’m left with is largely unexplored west country, Wales and Scotland, which had real treasures. Noss Mayo yesterday was stunning.

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  2. We’d stayed in New Quay for two nights in February 1994 at the Seahorse.
    During karaoke one evening the licensee most enthusiastically sang “Take me home country roads”.

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      1. Then I shall add that i was drinking Buckleys Best Bitter in the Seahorse.
        And that the previous weekend I stayed in Norwich and the next weekend York.

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