“Rather bland”

So, you’re the bloke who likes Doom Bar ?” asks the bloke who ticks beers when I’m introduced.

Well, no, not exactly. But I do reckon there’s a decent beer almost everywhere (exclusions apply in the Cotswolds).

And folk on Discourse petulantly saying they could NEVER score DB a 3 have probably not drunk it in a decade anyway.

Yes, Malt, bland and sweet in the Golden Lion or your Spoons of last resort. But occasionally dry and tasty in a small handful of outlets in Sawbridgeworth, Winchester and Welsh Rugby clubs.

And Cardigan, where we headed back for a first visit since a memorable evening taxiing Duncan round West Wales in 2019.

You remember? The time I made Pubmeister have a midnight kebab. Big mistake, huge.

That day the Grosvenor opened later than listed, so I’ve waited patiently to tick a family fun pub by the river.

No idea what the river’s called. Card ?

Heaving. Empties all over the place. Calm staff, flustered parents, obvious beer choice.

Honest. It was lovely. Cool, rich, not at all like the Doom Bar in the nearest Spoons.

But then, Bass varies by the pub. And Landlord and Harvey’s can be dull in gastros. So why should DB be any different ?

11 thoughts on ““Rather bland”

      1. It’s recently had a Craft Union signage makeover, so not quite as unique as it was. Anyway, they’re expecting you…


      1. I’ve not seen that either.
        But the Cross Keys in Penkridge has Doom Bar on metered pumps alongside Banks’s Original and Hobgoblin Gold.

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      2. Except that it is fronted by a fake handpump with the usual Doom Bar pumpclip.
        But the handpump isn’t properly fake as it indicates cask beer.
        And without a sparkler metered dispense is successfully used with brim glasses, though it’s a sparkler and 24 ounce glasses for the Banks’s Original.


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