Day 4 of the Channel Islands Charge, and it all comes down to St. Martin

The posh bit of Guernsey, all pastel colours and roadside flowers.

Mrs RM wasn’t walking the 2.7 miles, and neither was I, the roads lack pavements, but the bus fare is only £1.25.

The Captain’s used to be the GBG pub, I think it used to sell the Patois beer I miss (not really).

That looks good, but Les Douvres looks like a hotel. Oddly, since it is.

Since it’s a hotel, the description on What Pub said “Hotel bar, may not be open to non-residents” (before I got it changed), the words to send fear through the heart of tickers.

I phoned them up, and they seemed incredulous when I asked if they’d let me in for JUST A DRINK.

Of course sir !”.

It’s not as posh as feared.

In fact, on a Sunday evening six locals were encamped round the bar. Only two of them were wearing Helly Hansen and sunglasses on their head, so that’s me told.

None of them were on the cask, strictly Camden Pale here, in fact I can’t recall a pint of real ale being pulled in front of me in any pub on the Channel Isles.

But the local Little Big Brew‘s Alan Pale Ale, named after the Brazilian striker, was cool and crisp (NBSS 3+), so perhaps you don’t need to actually sell any cask for it to be good.

In the garden two pashmina’d ladies confirming arrangements for the Grant Thornton summer party were discussing visitors from the mainland (not Bognor).

Where do you go in Guernsey that has that WOW factor ? Jersey has places with the WOW factor. But Guernsey ? Where has the WOW factor ?” . And on and on and on.

It turns out the WOW factor is a place that serves lobster on the beach.

And that was that. Bar an unnecessary/necessary return visit to the Rohais Chip Shop & Chinese for squid bites and chips

The look of disgust/envy as I wafted the smell of chips past the dinner jacketed diners was priceless.


  1. i always meant to visit the Channel islands and all these reports make me realise I should have done.
    Too old for it now though.

    Liked by 1 person

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