Day 5 of the Channel Islands Circuit, heading back to Jersey in the evening before the flight home.

What to do with a free day with the ticks in the suitcase. Well, Mrs RM showed her own ticking streak by insisting we did the 20 minute crossing to Herm to complete the set of 5 islands. Perhaps for the first time ever (EVER), every island has a GBG entry this year.

A population of 60, cars AND bicycles banned, one pub we’d visited in 1999.

It’s much more a bucket and spade family trip than upmarket Helly Hansen Sark, and a procession of Emilys and Toms headed diagonally straight to Shell Islands while I made Mrs RM trudge round the sides to Oyster Point.

It’s a good place to spot ducks, apparently. My success rate in spotting animals advertised on boards like this stands at 0.037%, though I did once see a seal on Bute.

At exactly 10:27 Mrs RM swapped rucksacks to ease her load, Mrs RM’s pack being seriously over-packed (and I’d only brought one T-shirt).

Shell Island (top) is perfect Instagram material, as is St Tugual’s Chapel where the only two people ever to die on the island (Mr & Mrs Wood) are buried.

It’s stark beauty is reminiscent of St Peter on The Wall in Essex.

The hymn numbers are an anagram of the number of pubs I’ve ticked in GBG22.

On the walk back to the harbour pub we see a sign saying “Drive on the Left”. No cars are allowed on Herm, but if you DO, don’t compound the error by driving on the wrong side of the track.

Everyone in Herm ends up at the Mermaid sooner or later. It’s not bad, just a bit plain,

though the glitterball is a nice touch and looking at the ceiling you could believe you were in a premier ale house.

And I guess you are;

A pint of Doom, a pint of Butcombe, and a packet of Big D peanuts were £12.30, which is Clapham prices. And the beer wasn’t crisp, either.

Why no Liberation ? I love their glasses. These were the second pints of Butcombe, which were much better as the pumps started to flow after noon.

Yes, with nothing else to do but comment on people queueing at the bar (WHY does the whole family need to queue ?), we stayed for an overpriced “Seaman’s Platter” and more beer.

Which we failed to walk off in the hour before the return ferry at 14:25.

But I did confirm that the Ship Inn isn’t actually a pub,

and the new micropub in the old prison is still a Work-in-Progress.

4 thoughts on “A WHIZZ ROUND HERM

  1. The Ship was a pub attached to the Island’s hotel last time I was on Herm about 6 years ago and sold Pride. Shell beach is a superb beach and worth a visit. As a regular visitor to Guernsey over the years I agree that it is a nicer Island overall than Jersey but also that it it not that great for pubs. I have enjoyed your Channel Island entries.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, John.

      I did pop in the Ship, no handpump, but always a chance/risk that’ll change.

      I agree on Guernsey v Jersey. Think I’ll do a post on that very subject. I still have two Jersey pubs to write about, and one of them is a Top 10 pub, never mind Top 100 !. Bet you can guess it.

      Liked by 1 person

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