A great start to the 2022 Channel Islands Completion Circuit with a posh pub and a not-so-posh pub, but it went awry, as so often, in St Aubin, patron of resistance to pirate attacks.

I could have walked to the Trafalgar (1:13 hrs), but then I’d have kept Mrs RM waiting at St Helier M & S, so I did cough up £2.40 for a single to St Aubin.

Would my bladder, two pints to the bad, survive the 23 minute trip , even without a pig under my arm.

Every bump on the route to the airport and the coast suggested not.

Well, St Aubin is smart.

Any place with nude food on the beach is more upmarket than Wythenshawe.

But wait…

Yes, that political advertising is a blot on the landscape. But at least they say “Please” when they canvas your vote.

I’ve researched Moz (no relation to the Smiths frontman) and all I can tell you is;

She knows.

The Trafalgar sounded great on What Pub.

But inside there’s five blokes perched on high tables near the bar, eyeing me suspiciously as I ask about the availability of this new-fangled “real ale” that communists drink (probably).

Sorry, only bottles. I don’t do bottles, so I join the locals on a fluorescent orange Thatchers, which calms my stomach (joking).

Two musical takeaways for you. The local singer Maisie Robbie has stuck her QR code on the post so you can download her single.

Things were different in 1976 when Tavares provided the soundtrack for Jersey pubs for the next half century.

And yes, I have told local CAMRA, and yes, they have updated the What Pub description.


  1. So you went to a GBG recommended pub, and when you asked for cask they said they only had it in bottles? This is dismaying on so many levels I don’t know where to begin. But given what you’ve seen on your travels it maybe didn’t particularly surprise you!

    I guess you need pubs like that, to accentuate the joy when you find a really good one.😁


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