Channel Islands Pub No.1 – The Tipsy, St Peter, Jersey.

Almost forgot. Mrs RM was first on the plane to Jersey. She’d want you to know that. Last off, mind.

While she explored the quaint shops of St Helier (M & S and Boots), I walked the 25 minutes to my first tick.

Now, the first thing you notice in Jersey on your walk are political posters, all of which say “PLEASE” vote for Lyndon/Harvey/Janice etc). f or Deputy. And that’s all.

Lyndon is standing to be Deputy (what ?) of St Mary, St Peter and St Ouen, a community of about 5,000. He’s a former chairman of the Jersey Battle of Flowers Association, apparently.

Does that break purdah rules ?

Of more interest to me were ticking rules. I was convinced I’d visited a Tipsy Toad in 1999, but I couldn’t PROVE it, so I had to visit to be sure.

It’s not very “pubby”, whatever that means. A few dressed up folk in the restaurant, HUGE ceilings,

vast empty spaces. Like a Brunning & Price without the bile beans adverts.

Now then. Doom Bar or homebrew; what to choose.

Let’s give the homebrew a chance, eh ?

The barman was cheery, so I asked about the screen showing fish. A video. No, a unique live feed from fishland, apparently. Press PLAY below and you might see a shark (SPOILER : you won’t).

Once I’d got over the disappointment that the Tipsy was a bit rubbish, I started to be hypnotised by the live fish, and the Liberation IPA was cool and crisp, a 3.5 to start.

Obviously NO-ONE except beer twitter goes to pubs to drink beer, but if you do this was tasty fayre, as the kids say.

Our second pub was, as I predicted, a bona fide classic.


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