I’d managed to tick three (3) of the four (4) GBG pubs I needed on Jersey within two hours of landing, which is the perfect way to begin a run ticking chase.

No idea what Mrs RM had been doing in the meantime in St Helier, but I caught up with her just as M & S closed and we headed to our Guest House.

I’m not really a guest house person. Frankly I prefer the campervan these days, but hotels on the Channel Islands were more expensive than ever, and in short supply.

The Thalatta, run with authority and efficiency by a Mediterranean lady, seemed to be catering to budget-conscious Germans, and there’s nothing wrong with that (being budget conscious or being German).

It’s 10 minutes walk from the edge of town, and my final Jersey tick, the Biere Atelier (“Beery Sommelier”). See how much real ale there is in St Helier;

It’s hard to find, so look out for the duck disguised as a pigeon crossing the road;

Or look for the statue of the Pet Shop Boys.

Actually, although it’s part of posh restaurant Bastille (CHATEAUBRIAND for 2 – £75) and I used the Bastille’s loo, the entrance is round the corner on Bath Street, which looks worryingly French.

A micropub, you say ?

Well, I know the Herne/Hillier standards for micro accreditation have slipped of late, but Biere Atelier is practically everything the Butchers Arms isn’t. For a start everyone else is sitting outside, continental style. They don’t do that in Fanet.

Look ! They’ve even had beers you’ve heard of on recently !

No exotica like Master Brew today, just two Purity pumps. I go on holiday to avoid Purity !

In fairness, the Mad Goose is cool and foamy, a safe NBSS 3, but Mrs RM gets the better deal with the Orval as there’s no exciting crafty keg.

£11.30 the two. Blimey ? Or is that cheap ? I have no idea.

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