Although it’s not on the GBG App anymore, I popped in the Hillside in Hillsborough anyway.

A) It looked great.

B) I’d have always wondered what it was like inside.

C) Just think how annoyed I’d be if it re-enters the Guide, like that Goat In The Garden (first rule of entry to Goat In The Garden, DON’T mention Goat In The Garden).

With the Hillside’s red GBG dot excommunicated from the cask bible for serving only keg (boo !) there’s a bit of a real ale desert emerging.

The Hillside keeps me waiting a couple of minutes for the door to open, but I’m still surprised there’s not already a couple of Old Boys on their third Guinness when I enter.

It’s a lovely, welcoming pub, with a Bass mirror reminding you of a forgotten time when Bass served from the jug was more popular round here than Madri.

When I enter the soundtrack is an obscure deep cut by a little known Irish band.

I suspect the Hillside never gets that raucous, and an Old School landlord, shirt and tie, politely tells me there’s no real ale though the Hilden Headless Dog is certainly more tasty (though chilled) than what passes for cask in many pubs.

No-one joins me in the bar, so I get to admire the ceilings without interruption, bar Van the Man’s plaintive interpretation of “She Moved Through The Fair“.

Now, just think how lovely that Bass sign would look in our new guest room, Mrs RM.


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