Let’s get the music entries out of the way, then. You’ve had too much fun reminiscing about Rory Gallagher and The Who; it’s time for some more American “fuzzy bedroom pop”. I made that genre up, you can buy it for £2.10 (£1.60 with CAMRA discount).

Between Alix Page and Gracie Abrams I nipped next door to the Wardrobe’s bar, where a few folk who definitely weren’t gig-goers were enjoying Tiny Rebel’s lovely keg. So I joined them, ignoring the Kirkstall cask. If it gets in the GBG (it won’t) I made a mistake and I’ll tell you I’m sorry.

I made a mistake and I’ll tell you I’m sorry” is the key line in Gracie’s “21“, one of the most euphoric songs I’ve ever heard. Watch this performance and crowd response the next night in Manchester;

There was something communal about joining 400 teenagers in shouting “SORRY !” in an American accent. I hope I didn’t spoil everyone’s phone camera videos.

I haven’t experienced a lot of hysteria in my 57 years. Aguerooooo, the rush for the bar in Preston when the codgers realised John Smiths Cask was on, Maria McKee stage-diving the crowd at the Marquee in 1987.

This was hysteria. Dunno how I got a ticket, the whole tour was sold out. Only went on the strength of “This Is What It Feels Like“, as thrilling a single as anything I’ve heard all year. Press play to hear my pathetic attempt to capture it.

I’m sure Gracie is equally thrilled to have secured the vital “Old Bloke” market she’ll need to convert this growing teen fanbase (1M Instagram followers) into (Aaron Dessner-produced) record sales.


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