Still on our Great Gloucestershire Gallop from the end of April, and a penultimate tick over the Severn in the Forest of Dean.

If I hadn’t deleted my notes I’d no doubt have been able to give you Pevsner style notes on the qualities of the misericords of Gloucester Cathedral or the joys of Cinderford, but instead all I know is we parked up (FREE !) by the Severn where Mrs RM did a Zoom call (not to Fat Larry’s Band) while I walked the bounds waiting for the Black Pig to open at 16:00. As BRAPA knows, micros are required by law to open no earlier than 4pm, particularly if the previous tick closed at 2.

Newnham (pop. 1,296) is a gorgeous but unvisited little village whose tourist industry relies on taxy drivers misspelling the East London borough without the second “n”.

The strip of wild flowers between the road and the shops is a distinctive feature, and the views from the town park are worth 20 seconds of your time.

No, really.

Just as I was thinking “I’m sure I’ve been to a pub here before“, I turned the corner to the Railway, which insists it’s called Khan’s Tandoori on Google. The collection of GBG stickers in the window is No.74 on the list of Top Attractions in the Forest of Dean on Trip Advisor.

Not open, in fact the only thing alive at 15:30 was the micropub, bucking the trend.

Yes, 15:30, surely open early JUST for me. We half pint tickers keep micros going and the landlady was standing outside waiting for me.

Having served my half of Tribute from the barrel (NBSS 3) she went outside again for a fag and I climbed the stairs for the aerial view.

I couldn’t blame her for deserting me, it was sunny and I was boring and hadn’t brought a mascot or GBG to pink in. I wouldn’t stand in a converted stables waiting for customers while the sun shone. Leave those old fashioned ways to Sam Smiths and Brunning & Price pubs, eh ?

10 thoughts on “NEWNHAM – A SEVERNTH HEAVEN ?

  1. Looks like no expense has been expended on that interior. Thanks be that good folk like yourself travel unfeasible distances to visit places like this, saving bad folk like me the agony of desperate dissapointment. I’m sure it’s lovely when filled to bursting with lovely Forest folk though…

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    1. Consider it a public service, Mark. To be fair, I suspect there’s a good atmosphere later on, which is why I should ideally have visited all 4,507 GBG pubs at 7pm on Friday.


      1. I have to visit them twice or more at different times/days, and even then I struggle to cobble any interest together with some pubs. You do exceedingly well for a half pint 4 O’Clock-er

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  2. Pre 4pm Micro and not just on a weekend, struggling to accept this is true but unless you’ve photoshopped blackboard very skilfully, you’ve got the proof. Incredible scenes

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