Manchester looks gorgeous on3D Google Maps, doesn’t it ?

Suit yourself.

Stepping out of the Lower Turk’s Head the obvious next halt on my Holt trail was the Hare & Hounds, one of the most proper of Proper Pubs,

with added art on the wall,

but you know by now I never stick to a plan, and wandered aimlessly down to what seems to be ANgel Meadow, the newest and least convincing of Manchester’s quarters.

But it has a GBG pub I only seem to visit every 5 years, and why not ?

On Boxing Day 2013 I enjoyed piano and French onion soup (not in the same bowl) post City v Palace (1-0, Dzeko); back in 2019 our Old Codgers were divided on its merits. I like division.

And I like a beer range that’s not too big, not too small, not too obscure.

I had the Twisted Wheel; so did several other folk the half hour I was there. Par for the Angel, it was NBSS 3.5 or better, with this one having the benefit of murk.

And music, from an unnamed pianist whose work you can enjoy be pressing “PLAY” now. NOW !

It was lovely, and at the Golden Hour of 16:00 the pub was almost full, with blokes my age or younger. Don’t these people have work to do !

Pretty much all cask or Krombacher, which is good. Certainly the busiest cask pub (bar cask) I’d seen in a month.

Peculiar, hard to define, but warm and cosy. Up there with the H & H and City Arms as my favourite Manc pub. The piano really softens a pub. Mrs RM loved that on her visit.

They don’t like Londoners here though;

Sorry, Brentford is Middlesex, not London, isn’t it ?

4 thoughts on “PIANO MAN

  1. “back in 2019 our Old Codgers were divided on its merits”
    My great disappointment then was that “Three small overcooked chicken goujons in a none too fresh barm cake isn’t what I expect when ordering a chicken sandwich and £6 was too much for such a snack”.
    It was a good pub though years earlier when kept by Ian Casson who had moved there from Stafford’s Stafford Arms.


    1. Yes, I read this post and thought of your “chicken sandwich”. On that visit I wasn’t impressed at all.


  2. I think they are working RM. And if they are, we should have worked more like that! We might have had the will to work longer.


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