Our Southern Saunter ends in glamorous Totton.

Hey ! I said glamorous !

Phew. A cat pic to take your mind off the grime.

Is this really Totton. I stayed here in 2017, even enjoyed a Bass (and excellent Chinese takeaway).

But the first Guide pub is, inevitable, a craft based micropub.

Not another one !”. Yes Brenda, another one. We need places to sell those identikit products of all those thousands of tiny breweries, CAMRA’s crowning achievement.

More font styles than beer styles there, I think.

We were the only folk in at 12:30 on a Saturday, so Mrs RM grabbed the table where the glare would most hamper my photo showing her in a glamorous light,

and left me to pick a beer at random.

I had the Stoke. It’s not from that Stoke. It was OK, just lacked a bit of crispness (2.5). “Why didn’t you get me the Natural Blonde ?” said Mrs RM.

The barman was a NBmanSS 4.5 though. Chatty, charming, chilled. SO chilled he put a fleece on. In April ! Mrs RM sympathised with him, I was shocked.

I knocked him down to a NBmanSS 4 when I realised that “Rock Star” was but the first of a slew of Nickelback tracks played for our delight, but added that 0.5 back when he showed us how to play the beer drinking game on the table. Press “PLAY” now, dear reader.

Sorry about the Nickelback. And the video probably needs a PG-13 rating too.

Anyhow, another one with tricky opening hours in the bag, which leaves this lot in the “South-East”.

With all roads apparently closed forever due to BREXIT, I have NO IDEA how I’m going to get to the Elephant & Hind in Dover.


  1. I see from the Map and cross checking the list of Kent GBG Pubs that you must have done the Mariners Folkestone
    Check the pubs of Folkestone website for details of its long history as a disorderly house and haunt of common prostitutes.
    You also must-have done the East Cliff tavern which I don’t think has ever been lively enough to be disorderly

    Have you done the Hoptimist Dover as the Hoptimist or in its previous incarnation as the Mash Tun.?

    I am surprised the Louis Armstrong is in the GBG a deeply depressing and run down place

    The Laughing Barrel Cliftonville is in the blue rinse part of town not the hipsters quarter and never shall the twain meet

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    1. Thanks Alan I thought there was some shenanigans in those Dover micros. I shall have to investigate.

      I must have done the Folkestone pubs a while ago as I can’t remember those two, but Folkestone has certainly come a long way in the last 10 years and is now as good as any South Coast seaside town.

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      1. If you do a Google images search for the East CliffTavern I am sure it will refresh your memory. It is a real time warp place with the same licensee since 1967 and one of the very few surviving 1 room back street pubs that look just like the other houses in the street


  2. I agree Nickleback are generally not acceptable but I quite like Rockstar mainly because of the video they put out with it (now the tune is stuck in my head ,thank you ) I try to like your pics of micro pubs but i find it difficult -just something about them.Our localThe Cellars is doing better now & ambience is quite pleasant but unfortunatley it is still a windowless cellar -cosy in winter but summer -no !


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