I really didn’t want to write about Reigate. Much better you read BRAPA (here).

I don’t know if rain is particularly acidic in Reigate” wrote Si in 2020, and I’ll leave it there.

Mrs RM groaned when she heard we were finishing Surrey in its dullest town (and I’ll defend Redhill, just make me), but she is determined to see me finish the Guide.

Oh good, a micro bar with “Hop” in the title, with changeable hours.

Still, it did open at 17:00, revealing to the world its treasures of trad seating.

A young couple sat in the window seat, because they’re young, and the bloke spent 20 minutes mansplaining IPAs or something.

I had a pint of Shere Drop (rich but dull, NBSS 3), an unexpectedly well-known beer in a crafty bar.

But then again, only CAMRA members have actually heard of Shere Drop (it’s the Crouch Vale Brewers Gold or Jarl of the south), and the Hop Stop isn’t that crafty.

It’s neat, and open, and bright, and friendly, and deeply uncomfortable if you’re over 30.

Luckily, all my readers are surely young things and happy with uncomfortable high seats so fill your boots.

25 thoughts on “SURREY HAS FALLEN

      1. The number is 321 today, Scott. I think the most likely irritant are two pubs in Donaghadee and Hillsborough which Northern Ireland have removed from the GBG as they’ve stopped selling real ale. I bet they resume cask the day before GBG23 and get reinstated.

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  1. Even the tables look uncomfortable, how’s a codger supposed to get that all important 7-8pm power nap. Mind you, after years of drinking at winter beer festivals where the hall/barn/railway carriage was heated for the benefit of stillaged beers rather than the comfort of actual customers, it’s clear beer folk are happy to endure any discomfort in the pursuit of pleasure.

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      1. Now yes, but in years past at least two members of the National Executive I knew used to take holidays on Lundy island.

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      1. Harper’s Steakhouse used to be the Haslemere Hotel. As a pub, it was somewhat perfunctory, although it did have an impressive range of whisk(e)ys. Its most redeeming feature was its proximity to the station.

        Don’t expect The Swan or The White Horse to make an appearance in the guide any time soon. Of course, now I’ve said that…

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      2. I know it’s Hants but I’ve still got to do the Harrow at Steep, Bobby. If it’s SO famous why has it only just made the Guide, eh ? Slim picking from Petersfield upwards.


      3. Famous for what? Having bogs on the other side of the road? Isn’t every pub famous for something or other? A bit like “award-winning” breweries. Meaningless PR fluff that the masses sadly seem to believe.

        The Anchor & Horseshoes in Burpham, Guildford used to have a sign outside proudly proclaiming “famous for our sausages”. Having been given a pint of something brown and tired, I did suggest to the barperson that it might be a good idea to be famous for their beer instead. He was as nonplussed with my suggestion as I was with his beer. The sausages were bloody nice, to be fair.

        But yes, the area from Petersfield into SW Surrey is an absolute pub desert. Which is probably why The Harrow got in, because there’s very little else…

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      4. Very much so!

        And don’t get me started on 10-handpull pubs. It’s not choice, folks, it’s the illusion of choice. Don’t fall for it!

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