Last Saturday saw a concerted attack on the south coast, now safe a week after the CAMRA folk left Eastbourne having agreed that Life Members were leeches/freeloaders or something. Good work, as well as the Tand’s excellent campaign to require price lists in pubs.

I’m sure some members will have taken the train to Lewes, which not only has a moderately well-known brewery

but is also gorgeous.

It really is an underrated gem. I think it’s underrated, as most of the visitors seem to be focused on the High Street shops and cafes rather than the wonderful scenery.

The town was buzzing with anticipation ahead of their top of the table clash against the bus wreckers on Sunday.

No, it really wasn’t.

All the anticipation came at the thought of my final East Sussex GBG tick at the Royal Oak, a pub unexpectedly closed when I was last in town.

Look at the magic rays emerging from Mrs RM’s eyes ! They can spot a smart and marginally trendy food pub a mile off. Look how marginally trendy the art is.

I can spot a tricky looking beer range a mile off.

It was about 20 degrees by now, so everyone under 45 (88.2%) was in the garden, while everyone over 45 (13.7%) was staying firmly inside and grumbling about how long the chorizo ciabattas were taking to come.

The young staff were really, really great, the place oozed class, the seating was comfortable and the Sussex Best was good enough (NBSS 3+). To be honest the salt and pepper squid in the Rights of Man is the better lunch bet, but you’re spoilt for good pubs in Lewes.

Now I think of it, it reminded me of the Big Smoke place in Winchester.

Great music too; “Girlie Girlie” and “Vibrator”. More innocent than it sounds, folks.

Those nice people from Oldham etc etc CAMRA came here. It MUST be good.

A nice way to finish East Sussex, and there’s nothing wrong with nice.

But you can have too much nice, let’s go to Fareham…

12 thoughts on “WHEN IN LEWES…

      1. T’other Paul,
        Given that you’ll often have the choice is it sometimes much of a dilemma between a bumpy toiletless slower but free bus and a train ?

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