You’ve had the octopus, the Jersualem artichoke, the poke bowl. Here’s the mushrooms.

Confusingly, it’s called Metropol Parasol on Bing, and Setas de Sevilla on Google.

Whatever, it’s art, and I didn’t walk up it.

Before we get there, we strolled Seville’s waterfront, where mums were encouraged to take a free rose while enjoying a soundtrack I can only describe as out-of-key loud techno.

Where’s Julio Iglesias when you want him ?” said Mrs RM, revealing her age.

Seville is a grower, full of understated charm. The big queue is for the Alcazar where Game of Thrones (never seen it) was filmed, but the swapping of Panini stickers and Star War figurines by 8-80 year olds in Plaza del Cabildo was what you really came to see.

Yes, the Cathedral looks the part,

but it’s the narrow streets you want to get lost in, emerging only to buy Mrs RM a fudge brownie ice cream.

Oh, the colours,
and oh, the shapes of those modernist mushrooms, set against a centuries old backdrop.

Sensational. And no, I never did get to the craft beer bar.


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